Maui Mocktails: Drink Up for Your Health

Maui Mocktails: Drink Up for Your Health
Spend a few weeks on Maui and you can’t help but catch on to a new trend: Kombucha on tap (touted for its detox and energy-boosting capabilities) and homemade nut milks are the new green juice. Well, there are still plenty of places to get your greens in liquid form here on Maui but it’s nice to see new options all in the name of good health popping up from Paia to Haiku to Wailuku. Here are a few favorite spots to enjoy sippable nutrition:

MAKA by Mana Foods: Just down the street from the well-known Mana Foods health food store on Baldwin Avenue in Paia is MAKA, serving up “flights” of Kombucha for those who want to sample multiple flavors which can range from Pineapple Ginger to Chai to Blueberry and beyond, depending on the day. Expect at least three varietals of Makawao-made Big Wave Kombucha offered on tap daily. If you prefer traditional fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, good-for-you recommendations include Vog Gone (Fennel, Cucumber, Pear, Cilantro, Apple and Ginger) and Bee Green (kale, pineapple, apple, bee pollen, mango and spirulina). If you need a bit of a kick, the Kopa Buzz (banana, almond milk, cold-pressed coffee and coffee grinds) will certainly do the trick.

Nourish Bar: Also in Paia, tucked away into a beautiful courtyard off Hana Highway as you’re heading out of town towards Hana, is this just-opened Kombucha and Nut Milk Bar (healthy treats to be served soon we are told). The house-blended “milks” are a mix of almond and macadamia nuts plus fruits and flavors (cacao is a fave) to create delicious healthy concoctions designed to be nutritious and filling. The “Golden Milk” infused with turmeric is a best-seller. Kombucha flavors on tap here also vary, but a crowd pleaser is the mellow green tea with basil. The courtyard is a beautiful setting to sip and relax.

Maui Kombucha: As its name suggests, Kombucha takes center stage here at the Haiku hideaway (in the back of the Aloha Aina center behind the Haiku post office) that touts itself as Maui’s original Kombucha Brewery. Kombuchas are brewed in house and served on tap or avaialable by the jug to go. Other specialty drinks include Love Buzz cold-brewed coffee and a variety of smoothies and fresh juices, along with raw vegan pizzas, desserts and beautiful salads (with ingredient lists that all include “love”.).

Sip Me: In charming Makawao, upcountry from Paia, is this adorable café that serves a nice variety of fresh juices, fresh Maui coconut water, homemade nut milk concoctions and also delicious gluten free treats from Lahaina’s Sugar Shop. The owner tells us she is opening her second location in Kahului (near the airport) in July.

Farmacy Health Bar: Over in the heart of Wailuku (not too far from Kahului Airport) is this newish health bar that aims to “cure ailments through nutritious alkaline juices.” Smoothies and juices can be customized, those wanting something more filling should try the nutrient-dense acai bowls.

Maui Mocktails: Drink Up for Your Health

Wherever you choose to drink up on Maui, know that healthy eats are also not hard to find. Each of the spots mentioned also offers up a variety of options (with Nourish adding treats soon) all designed with wellness and nutrition in mind. Maka is 100% gluten free and vegan (try the open-faced breakfast sandwich featuring coconut cream cheese and avocado on house-made gluten free sesame bread) and Maui Kombucha is raw/vegan (their “Hawaiian toast” is to die for).

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